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The Workplace Disconnect

[ 7 Million unemployed
6.2 Million jobs ]

85% Employees not engaged at work Millennial unemployment rate double national average 26% say their education is relevant to work.

Our Work
Prepare Students For Their Future Possible Selves


Every child has unique strengths, interests and values that are needed in the world.

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Prepare Your Students For The World of Work


Help your students understand how each skill can be used in the future World of Work.

The Why Is Here


World of Work Summit – Old

A convening of trailblazers blurring the lines between K-12 and the World of Work, cultivating career development, accelerating literacy…

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Life-Ready Literacy

Beable is the next-generation Life-Ready Literacy platform that closes the literacy and opportunity gap for all.      Accelerates…

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Our Work

There were 5.7 million workers unemployed and 11 million open jobs at the end of 2022 according to the…

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World of Work Foundation

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Build Vocational Identity

Teachers don’t need to look far to hear a disengaged student asking, “When will I ever use this in real life?” Many students wonder if what they are learning in school is relevant to their futures. Essentially, these students are asking how what they are learning is connected to the future workforce they will enter. The World of Work makes the connection between education and future employment come to life.

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The Engine to Self-Efficacy

Career development is a human process, and teachers play one of the biggest roles in that process. With the help of the World of Work, teachers help their students make connections between the material they learn in school and future employment they can aspire to.

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Dignity In All Work

Not every child will have the same path to college and a career or be employed by traditional careers. As the job market becomes increasingly more demanding, students need to be exposed to multiple skill sets in order to qualify for those jobs.